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  • Important Notice: Please note that payments are received and processed before medications are dispatched for delivery.
  • Important Notice: Please note that payments are received and processed before medications are dispatched for delivery.
  • Important Notice: Please note that payments are received and processed before medications are dispatched for delivery.

Our Services

As a pharma-tech company, all our services hang on using technology to provide pharmaceutical services especially the distribution and delivery of medication. As an online pharmacy, we make sure your drugs find you.

Why Choose Us?

We put technology to good use for the benefit of your health. Get quality pharmaceutical care online and in seconds.

  • Are you too busy to stop at the pharmacy?
  • Do you find it difficult to get a particular drug or you have no knowledge about your medications?
  • Perhaps you sometimes feel too lazy to visit the pharmacy?
  • Maybe you are too shy to walk into a pharmacy to make purchases such as Condoms, Postinor, Lubricants etc.?

eMedicStore Has The Ultimate Solution. Bringing The Pharmacy To You.


Reliable Medication Delivery

Save yourself the endless visits to the pharmacy with our fast medication delivery. Your medications and lab tests are just a few clicks away when you use the eMedicStore App. We offer simple access to our delivery service either through our app or WhatsApp chat. Whichever you choose, we are committed to delivering quality products on time.

Certified Pharmacists Within Your Reach

Get straight access to a sturdy team of online pharmacists and enjoy up to 30 minutes of free consultation. Get professional answers to your drug and dosage related questions on the go. Our one-on-one consultation gives you the feeling of a physical meeting while being 100% professional. Our pharmacists would not share your symptoms, allergies and nature of illness with any third party. Our consultation chats or calls have end-to-end encryption to ensure no third party is listening.

Dosage Monitoring For The Best Results

We take it a step further from pharmaceutical delivery. We cooperate with you to monitor your drug usage irrespective of where you are to track your improvement or advice to discontinue the medication following medical consultations with your doctor.

Refill with Just One Click

With eMedicStore, you are never out of medications. We provide easy access to pharmaceutical refills for continuity irrespective of where you are. The eMedicStore app stores information concerning your medication and dosage and reminds you when you’re almost out. With just one easy click, you can get a refill wherever you may be.

Geriatric Care

We provide pharmaceutical support for the elderly. Our geriatric care services include;

  • A Consultation with the patient and his or her doctor to decide what medication works best.
  • Full dosage monitoring to ensure compliance.
  • Automatic drug refill.
  • Periodic evaluation to decide whether to change or discontinue the medication.

Medication History & Instant Prescription from A Licensed Doctor

Get unlimited access to your medication history to monitor progress and for reference purposes.

Cannot get a prescription from a doctor? eMedicStore partners with Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) licensed Doctors for instant online consultation, who provides a prescription for you.

How eMedicStore Works

We streamline our operations so as to ensure optimal Good Pharmacy Practices and assure the quality standards of medications delivered and pharmaceutical care service provided.


Get access to eMedicStore services in 4 easy steps using WhatsApp.

  • Step 1: Send a message to +234 702 500 7538 on WhatsApp and get an instant reply.
  • Step 2: Provide your Personal Details, Contact Details and Delivery Details
  • Step 3: Make an order and await order confirmation. (A doctor’s prescription is required if your order contains a prescription drug)
  • Step 4: Make your Payment and Await Delivery


Get access to instant pharmaceutical care services when you use the eMedicStore App.

  • Step 1 Visit our website www.emedicstore.org or Install the eMedicStore App from Apple Store or Google Play Store to Register to create a profile.
  • Step 2 Request or add drugs to the cart and await order confirmation, while a Pharmacist reviews your order for quality assurance purposes. After which your order will be approved for payment. Upload a valid prescription if your order contains a prescription drug.
  • Step 3 Make payment via your preferred payment option uponsss order confirmation. NB: Payment for order automatically confirms your order for processing
  • Step 4 Await Delivery.
App Features

Our app is specially designed to give you the best user experience so you can get the best from eMedicStore


In-Built Chat Channel to chat with a Pharmacist


Easy Payment


Refill Reminder and Auto-Refill


Medication History


Track Your Order


Google Map Integrated Address System to Facilitate Delivery


Upload Picture of Prescription gotten from a Hospital

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